Thursday, August 18, 2011


So we just cooked our first tongue.  Cow's tongue.  It was huge...

Yeah…gross, I know.  Honestly, I never expected to be here, cooking organ meats in my kitchen with my husband while 4 kids ages 5 and under slept upstairs.  I always pictured the ‘normal’ life.  Meet and fall in love with my handsome husband, have the average 2 children a few years into marriage and live comfortably somewhere in the outlying suburbs, where we would raise our family in the typical way, cooking “Betty Crocker” style, attending church regularly and following the American dream.  Isn’t that what most of us dream of?

So here’s the real picture…

We have a little flock of rainbow children, two given to us from Uganda, two home-made, ages 5, 3, 2, and 1; I stay at home to train and love on them while caring for our haven and pursuing a ‘natural’ lifestyle that embodies what we believe God-intended with His creation; incredible husband, using his hands to support us and his heart to lead us, comes home faithfully every night to the house he made for us, where we do anything but raise our kids in the typical way; slowly transitioning to a life that denies the entitlement issued by the American dream and embraces God’s will for our family.

Even though at times I’ve felt as if I’m drowning under laundry, diapers, drool, and tiny toys, the reality of my life surpasses my dreams in every way.And because of that, because of the great grace, the continual mercy that washed me every morning despite my stumbling and fighting to embrace His dream for my life, I am writing here.  Because I want to remember, I want to share, and not just watch it pass by but LIVE the dream . . . His dream.


  1. You're living His dream beautifully! Him in you is more precious than anything America has to offer;)

  2. Stopping by from the Ultimate Blogger Bash!

    My word what adorable children you have!! I too am living a life far from what I expected, but so happy to be living the unexpected life.

    Monica @

  3. Stopping by from WLW. So nice to meet you!

  4. It's great to "meet" you! I'm stopping by from WLW. You have a beautiful family!


  5. Nice to meet you! Stopping over from WLW Blogger Bash. What a beautiful family you have!
    God bless! I blog at

  6. So... you ate a cow's tongue o.O? LOL! (I have to know, as this is -I believe- unkosher!xD).
    :) I'm blog-hopping from WLW&my link, is here!!: Nice to meet you!!! :D

  7. What a dear post... living in the world but not of it is part of the tough... but you are leading by example beautifully. Thank you.

    I hope to one day follow your example as we collect a rainbow of our own. I'll check your other blog posts to see if you share more of your own journey through adoption.

  8. Visiting from the blog hop - I remember years ago we raised a calf for beef and cooked the tongue too! You're blessed to have a family like that and are living my dream.

  9. Visiting from the Blog Bash. You have a beautiful family. Look forward to checking out future posts!

  10. I have a bunch of children who are all similar ages so I get what you are saying.
    Mine are a little older then yours, now... But I remember what it was like.
    Cheering you on...and beside you .

  11. Stopping by from the Blog Bash. I understand drowning in laundry. :0) We have seven with three adopted. Wouldn't choose to have my life any other way despite the challenges. Blessings to you.

  12. what a beautiful family you have!
    Great to meet you! Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  13. God's blessings to you! Nice to meet you.

    Amy @ Missional Mama

  14. Found you from the blog hop. I love your blog and your family is so cute!!! I am hoping to adopt some little ones in a few years <3 I will definately be following your blog !

    Isn't it so interesting how so many of our plans and dreams never happen... But God gives us His sweet plan for us instead. Ooooh I love it!

  15. Hi, I'm visiting from the Blog Bash! The picture of the little ones holding hands is heart-melting!

    Rachel @ TheSingingSparrow

  16. I'm visiting from the Blog Bash. You have a beautiful family! We also have a large family, grown partially through adoption and most days, I am drowning under laundry, but loving it!!!