Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quiet Surrender

But really not quiet at all, not in my heart at least

A storm raged, battles fought, cries rang out. It was loud. And anything but quiet.

Then surrender came. A slow, deep breath of calm, washing over until it was all let go.

Surrender. Freedom. And pure Peace.

Not fleeting, but lasting and firm. A true presence.

Like the pressure of comfort my husband's hand brings on my chest when the heart is racing too quickly and anxiety is creeping in. He presses and I release.


Surrender.  To a God that holds it all.

Freedom.  To live under the umbrella of His grace and know true Love.  To live.

Peace.  That transcends all understanding.  The Calm in the storm and the Whisper in the wind.

Quiet Surrender came.

A Place to dwell.

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