Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remodel and the Milk is coming!

Excuse the boring site...under re-modeling  :)
      (If anyone has some design skills I would be blessed with some tips!)

Coming this week . . .
              4 Part Series on Raw Milk

(yes, finally, sorry for the wait)

See you Monday!  Enjoy the Lord's Day with your families!

1 comment:

  1. Saw your comment on my blog and wanted to share with you some super-easy blog decorating tips I've discovered online!

    -This is how I made my photo header. Following these instructions you can make all sorts of neat headers with as few or as many photos as you like. So easy, but it looks great in the end!

    -For blogger backgrounds I usually pick from the TONS available at a site like Hot Bliggity Blog, The Cutest Blog on the Block or Shabby Blogs. All these sites have instructions for how to add their backgrounds to your blog, but basically you just add the "Add HTML" widget to your sidebar, copy in the code provided by the background website, save, and voila! The saved code overrides the existing Blogger background and you can play around with the themes to see which one fits best with your background. It's pretty easy and really personalizes a blog!

    Hope those tips were what you were looking for! I love this blog!