Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raw Milk ~ Part 2

Getting kisses from one of the cow's in our herd.

Because I want everyone to read this, I'm putting it first today!  Please take a minute . . .

Ok - THIS is one of my favorite findings on raw milk evidence!!!!
Raw Milk Study on CATS!
I am NOT condoning this website (I do not agree with nor can find evidence to support all that is written here) but there is a great write-up on an incredible study here!!! And quite alarming. A study on 900 cats over 10 years, comparing raw and pasteurized milk was performed by a doctor in the 1930’s. It is worth the read! Just shocking!!!! Please take a minute to read it.
Now think about this . . . WE are on our 4th generation as a country drinking pasteurized milk!  See any similarities?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says almost 20% of women ages 15 to 55 suffer from an infertility or an impaired ability to conceive (and this was taken 9 years ago!  I would guess it is worse now).  This is startling!

Here are a few books by Dr. Pottenger who conducted the “cat studies” if you want to know more:

This is only Part 2 of the 4 posts on raw milk, but I've heard from some of you that are chomping at the bit already . . . so if you are ready to try some for yourself . . .

Saying "thank-you" to the sweet girls who provide us with milk each week.

     How Raw Milk is purchased:

There's two ways Raw Milk is bought, that is, in states where it is legal.
     - Purchase a share of the herd at a local, small dairy farm.  As an owner you pay monthly fees to cover care, food, and shelter for the herd, and receive a portion of the herd's production. *This is what we do.
     - Shop at your local health food stores, where raw milk is often sold, however this is usually more expensive that share holding.
     - Buy your own cow!  :)

Want to try some?
Where to find your raw milk or try

     Health Benefits:
Here are a few isolated “benefits” …take your pick!
A quick read with some pros for both sides
Raw Milk as a Probiotic: (Internet Scientific Publications)
Health Benefits for Children                    
Osteoperosis:   VIDEO testimonial of a woman who reversed her osteoperosis with whole food vitamins and raw milk!  There are several of these testimonies floating around...something to this stuff!

Meeting the newest member of our herd.

Because I don’t think I can say it any better:

"Besides incredible taste, many people claim that raw milk is nearly a super food. Unlike heat-treated milk, it is full of beneficial gut bacteria that are vital for optimum digestion and immunity. Raw milk contains the full spectrum of amino acids and is a complete protein. It is packed with folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients that are mostly or completely destroyed in pasteurization. It offers a perfect balance of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Raw milk also contains live enzymes necessary for digesting food and enjoying good health. It also contains compounds that combat arthritis, cholesterol, and arterial stiffening.
A study published in The Internet Journal of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology found that raw milk reduced children's risk of suffering allergy-related conditions by up to 40 per cent. Statistics show that children growing up on farms are less likely to develop allergies. Children in a study at the University of London were given two glasses of raw milk a week. Their incidence of developing hay fever was cut by 10 per cent and eczema by 38 per cent.
Blood samples were also taken from 4,700 primary-school children in the U.K. The children who lived on farms and drank raw milk had 60 per cent lower levels of immunoglobulin E -- an antibody that the body's immune system pumps out in huge quantities on exposure to an allergen. Levels of histamine, another chemical that is released by cells during an allergic reaction, were halved.
Overall, people have found significant improvements in their health. Many people report clearer skin, better digestion, increased respiratory function, boosted immunity, and fewer allergies.”

Excerpt taken from Teter Farm

More coming next week!  I would LOVE to hear what you all think about this stuff!

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  1. Whoop whoop for raw milk! Our daughter [4years] was turning into a full blown asthmatic child after having RSV when she was one. She was receiving breathing treatments every 3 months and rapidly increasing. In Jan of this year we started milking with a local co-op - she has not had ONE breathing treatment since - Praise the Lord!

    Our adopted son [adopted at birth] was not doing well on formulas - we resorted to soy - still did not do that great. At four months old I started the raw milk formula recipe. He is great! It has been the best change for him [and us - no more tummy issues!!]. He is almost 8 months and NEVER been sick - not one fever!

    OK - one more. Our adopted son from Uganda was lactose intolerant. He would have the runs minutes after drinking store bought milk. He can drink raw milk and LOVES it.

    These are just my personal testimonies. I have a few more but these are the biggies.

    We milk 3 times a week and use every drop!