Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Bliss: Kissing Summer Goodbye

Did you know this is the LAST summer weekend????

Sounds a little ironic to say since school has already been in session for several weeks, but according to the autumn equinox, this is it. I know, crazy word. It basically means the day when the sun travels directly over the equator before it tips the seasons forward, lending to those nostalgic falling leaves and crisp morning air.

Can you tell I’m a little excited? It’s our favorite season around…Autumn. Even the sound of the word makes me long for pumpkin spice lattes and smoldering mulberry candles on the mantle. YEAH!


But there is still a small sense of remorse as we watch the final days of summer slip by…how are you going to spend them?

I am a bit tempted to cram all those unfinished summer projects into these last balmy days, but the longing requests of my children have convinced me those things can wait (and one more weekend probably won’t make a dramatic difference with the pace we are managing these days).

So our “Kissing Summer Goodbye” wish list includes:

     Swimming at friends’ before the pools are frostbitten

     Roasting a lot more marshmallows

     Attaching 3 waterslides, end to end, on Grandpa and Grandma’s sloping front lawn

                                            A few more mud baths

     Ice Cream cone licking contest…whoever lets the fewest drips fall wins! (outside only game of course)

     Family Camp-out on the front lawn

                        Water painting on the sidewalk
   Sprinkler Tag

   Homemade popsicles in paper cups with a plastic spoon

                         …to name a few.

What’s on your list?

Please share some of your family’s top summer bon voyage activities!

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  1. Definitely sitting with hubby under the crisp clear sky when all the littles are snug in bed and fast asleep! Romantic star gazing before we freeze out there at night:)